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Specialized Hematopathology Care

Helping Deliver Better Medicine, Faster

Anatomic model of circulatory and vascular system

A unique service

CBLPath’s Department of Hematopathology combines the performance of an academic institution with the service of a local facility to help you deliver definitive diagnoses, ensure prompt treatment decisions and provide superior patient care.

The cornerstone is our team of board-certified, fellowship-trained hematopathologists from renowned institutions who are excited about technology and innovation and its promise of helping patients.

Our hematopathologists are accessible to you and ensure that you receive comprehensive sub-specialized diagnostics and prompt, clear reports.

Meet Our Pathologists

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Service Hallmarks

As a CBLPath hematopathology client, you benefit from the most comprehensive sub-specialized diagnostics available. We offer all required tests to render a diagnosis along with:

•  Same-day bone marrow aspirate interpretation
•  Comprehensive test menu including bone marrow morphology, flow cytometry, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), cytogenetics and molecular diagnostics
•  Superior turnaround time
•  Direct access to your local hematopathologist, including a call-back program for significant or unusual findings
•  Automatic external second opinion, when needed
•  State-of-the-industry reports that correlate all results in a clear-concise and color-coded format
•  Results delivered via remote color printer, fax and/or the internet
•  Capability of simultaneous report delivery to the requesting and referring physicians' offices
•  Ability to interface with a variety of electronic medical records and lab information systems
•  Unique specimen kit that includes all components for easy collection and transport
•  Preprinted, easy-to-use requisitions with bar-coded specimen jar labels
•  Supplies and daily scheduled courier pickups provided
•  Extensive insurance coverage and patient-friendly billing policy

Photomicrographic Reports

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CBLPath is pleased to offer links to more information about Hematopathological conditions:

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Case Studies

Find  an up-close, in-depth, and detailed examination of a variety of hematopathology cases, as well as its related contextual conditions including histology, cytopathology, diagnosis and follow up protocol to help ensure comprehensive sub-specialized diagnostics. Our hematopathologists are accessible to you and ensure that you receive comprehensive sub-specialized diagnostics.

Patient Education

CBLPath is pleased to offer an array of informative diagnosis-specific reports that provide relevant resources and help patients have a better understanding of their medical conditions. These  reports demonstrate our commitment to the mission of partnering with our physician clients to provide the best patient care, and they also assist physicians and patients in making the most appropriate individualized healthcare decisions.