CBLPath — Your Optimal Healthcare Partner

Personalized Medicine for Efficacious, Cost-Effective Care

At CBLPath, we are on the forefront of the progression of medicine — integrating diagnostic, prognostic and theranostic testing to foster delivery of the most effectual, individualized patient care. Through this Personalized Medicine approach, we serve as a true partner for our physician clients, their patients and the managed care organization, thus:

•  Providing improved treatment outcomes at a lower cost
•  Avoiding ineffective therapy and related expenses
•  Increasing patient satisfaction

Because our service begin at the point of diagnosis, we engage and inform the patient's health plan at the most opportune time to have an impact on patient outcome. With the knowledge that one of its members has been diagnosed with a significant disease, the health plan is able to employ its Utilization Management Programs in working with the patient when it matters most. In turn, this enables our physician clients to deliver the most efficacious therapies and, ultimately, the very best patient care.

Insurance Participation

CBLPath has a national service area and participates with Medicare, Medicaid and numerous commercial payers across the country.

A printer friendly list of participating insurance plans is available in PDF here.


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